Pounding the pavement and hitting the streets, our recruiter identifies and develops relationships with compelling local, regional and national retail operators.

Want to find that perfect storefront for your retail business? Let River City Company’s retail recruitment program help you. Through serving as a “match maker” of sorts, our recruiter is responsible for matching you with viable landlords and/or their real estate representatives.

Our service is free of charge. Whether you need a list of downtown available storefronts, demographics to make your business plan complete, or an overall idea of the retail landscape of our downtown, our recruiter will work with you to ensure the perfect location for your business model



River City Company is happy to provide marketing education and toolkits to help downtown retailers maximize their overall effectiveness. In addition, our River City Company team acts as cheerleaders for our retailers, supplementing with promotions and online social media support. Our Chattanooga Downtown Facebook page has close to 8,000 followers to date and our website includes every retailer within the downtown area.



Have a storefront but not sure what to do with it? From window displays to store layout and design, our recruiter can assist with creating a distinctly-branded, high-quality and coherent shopping experience.

River City Company also works with landlords and property managers to improve property maintenance and retail storefront conditions to create a more vibrant and welcoming shopping district.



With an amazing community of local retailers, River City Company works to keep our entrepreneurs in business! We try pop-up events, special promotions and marketing techniques to ensure we are doing the best keeping our retailers in business. In addition, we work with local merchant groups to make sure we are addressing pressing issues to retailers whether it is something like parking, road closures, or sidewalk maintenance.