Facts & FAQ


What are some success stories of the program?

In the past five years, River City’s recruiter has called upon nearly 600 retailers ranging from local, to regional and national concepts. These leads have been instrumental in leveraging twenty-one new businesses downtown such as Community Pie, Puckett’s, Southern Squeeze, Rock Creek, High Point Climbing and Fitness, Taqueria Jalisco, Tazikis’s, Chicken Salad Chick, etc.

Does the retail recruiter charge for his/her services?

No, the recruiter is here to help and is free. She can help you navigate the downtown retail scene and act as a “matchmaker” with an over-arching knowledge of the downtown landscape.

Are there other recruitment programs like this in other cities?

Yes! In places like Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA and Columbia, SC, there are people dedicated to bringing good, quality tenants to downtowns. Our recruiter network is a member of the Downtown Works program, a firm who trains and helps assist with urban recruitment strategies.

What are some challenges for the Chattanooga retail downtown scene?

For so long, downtown has needed the demographics (specifically housing numbers) to recruit bigger tenants. Good news is that with the $500 million currently poised to invest in the market, we will bring on over 2,000 new apartments in Chattanooga. Additional housing downtown yields an appealing demand for restaurants, retailers and service industries.

Does RCC focus on certain areas of downtown to recruit new tenants?

Our retail recruiter works from the Northshore to the Southside and can assist in any part of downtown. Two big needs for more retail are in the City Center district and MLK district. With additional housing being built in the two areas and a steady working population, there is a real demand for quality retail concepts that are open from morning to night.

What makes a retailer perfect for Chattanooga?

Our recruiter scouts out tenants that are unique, has a quality product, delivers an amazing experience and overall fits within the vibrant fabric of our downtown.