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2016 Year In Review

A Note from the CEO

In 2013, River City Company completed and published the “City Center Plan”. Over 600 people participated in helping us dream big dreams and think through creative initiatives that would better connect the Riverfront to the Southside. The middle of our city, while having over 55,000 workers by day, became pretty desolate after 5:00p.m., and we were looking for ideas and opportunities to change that.

In 3 short years, it’s amazing how much of the plan has become a reality. New housing starts in critical blocks like the 700 Block of Market Street and in underutilized historic buildings like the Maclellan and Tomorrow Buildings are changing City Center into an amazing live, work, play environment. In fact, of the 26 buildings that were identified as opportunities for redevelopment in the City Center Plan, 17 of those are now under construction.

The City Center Plan called for maximizing our green spaces and enhancing connectivity. The City of Chattanooga embraced the plan and spearheaded the planning and redesign of Miller Park will begin in 2017. Phase 2 of this project will be improvements to Miller Plaza and the redevelopment of Patten Parkway acting as a connector to UTC.

Now known as the heart of the Innovation District, City Center is attracting startups, entrepreneurs and innovators while garnering national publicity and buzz. All of this activity and energy will continue to spur more options in City Center.

But, the momentum is not limited to City Center. There are construction cranes and barrels throughout downtown. As we end 2016, we are closing in on ONE BILLION dollars in construction projects and private investment, a staggering number for a city our size.

When cities come to visit Chattanooga, I am constantly asked, “What has been our secret to success?” Inevitably that question leads to the discussion about the importance of planning and community engagement. The City Center Plan and its success is a great example of that.

River City Company is proud to play a role in moving our city forward; by putting the community’s voice and vision into planning for the future and then working with key partners and stakeholders in making those plans become a reality.

We have an amazing city. Thank you for your support, involvement and investment! Here’s to the year ahead.

Kim White

President and CEO




Board of Directors